Friday, February 28, 2014

Resolution Review: February

TitleSubmittedRevision requestedResubmittedAccepted
"The Logic of Categorematic and Syncategorematic Infinity"14 January 2014
"Modal Logic in the Metalogicon"24 January 2014
"Medieval Destinations: Lumbini"28 January 201418 February 2014
"Reasoning About Obligations in Obligationes: A Formal Approach"27 February 2014 (abstract only)

To be honest, I finished the last paper on the list in the middle of the month (13 Feb.). I'd hoped to have it submitted before the end of the month, but I gave it to Joel to proofread and he hasn't had time yet, and I'd rather screw up on my resolutions than submit it without a sanity check. But I at least submitted the abstract for it, since those are due before the full papers are anyway.

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