Thursday, March 1, 2018

February writing wrap-up

Last month I averaged 899 words a day, for a total of 25194 words. About the same amount of admin as last month, slightly more nonfiction, a depressingly small amount of fiction, and you can clearly see when I joined my university's strike action. I can't do admin or nonfiction, I'm struggling to write fiction due to the mental and physical exhaustion of being on strike, so all that leaves to eke out my 400 words/day every 5 out of 7 days is blog posts. I have found it useful to write up my experiences of being on strike, but I miss writing. I miss working on my academic papers, I miss writing fiction. Today is not a strike day, but due to having been off five days and still being quite ill, I've been struggling to get any rhythm going. I'm prioritizing writing homework assignments and answer keys, and adding examples to my textbook, and am giving myself permission to be satisfied with that, even though they don't generate much in terms of word count. They are what matter, what will make the biggest difference to my students, and that matters more than meeting some arbitrarily set goal.

And at least this blog post's words count.

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