Monday, January 12, 2015

A change of scenery

A new work environment demands a new approach to work. My daily updates clearly fell by the wayside, but I'm planning to revise them in the form of weekly updates, in part because I think the best way to structure this upcoming term is in terms of topics per day. Here is the plan:

  • Monday: Read other people's work.
  • Tuesday: Write my own work. (Tuesday is SCR day, which is a good place for writing).
  • Wednesdsay: Meetings and admin.
  • Thursday: Teaching.
  • Friday: Blog-post for M-Phi and editorial duties.

With the caveats that every other Monday and Friday I also have tutorials to give. But this will give me a goal for each day, and also give me permission to, e.g., spend a day reading without any other obligations. And these are not exclusive: There will sometimes be editorial and admin stuff that cannot wait, or seminars or meetings on other days, and tomorrow, e.g., I'll be spending the day moderating essays. But this is what I'm going to try for this term.