Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013



  • Worked on the intro of "Battle of the Sexes".
  • Removed all HTML formatting and converted SocSec data into CSV.
  • Added all the gender and year info to the SocSec data.
  • Imported SocSec data into gnumeric and sorted by name. Need to think about more about how to process the data.
  • Worked on LIRa contribution, sorting out what's in pov-unc, epiob, and scope-epi, and putting everything not in pov-unc into lira2012.


  • Tried to determine the best placement for that one paragraph in the N paper, and did a number of other various rewrites. It's now back with Jesse and Aleks for their input.




  • Did lots of scanning.
  • Applied for a new passport.

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