Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Logic textbooks written by women

A conversation on twitter yesterday made me realize I couldn't name a single logic textbook written by a woman (other than my own draft book), where by "logic textbook" I intended to capture "book I could use as a primary text for an intro logic or advance logic course". Twitter to the rescue, I got lots of suggestions. So I've decided to collate them here. If there are any missing, please share in the comments.

I also received a couple suggestions for linguistics books:

Finally, someone else mentioned this, which isn't quite logic, but since it's logic-adjacent I'll happily include it:

(Last updated 22 April 18).


  1. Another well-known linguistics textbook with some logic in it is Henriette de Swart, Introduction to Natural Language Semanrics

    By the way, Sally Popcorn's introduction to modal logic was written under a nom de plume by a mail author, as far as I know.

    1. If you know the nom de plume, I'll list the book, then! (And "Popcorn" has got to be one of the coolest surnames).

    2. The author is Harold Simmons (one finds the name in the book itself, under the copyright)

    3. Indeed the author is Harold Simmons. Sorry for the typo (mail instead of male) in my post above.

  2. I co-authored a textbook _Three Views of Logic: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science_ by Donald W. Loveland, Richard E. Hodel and S. G. Sterrett. I (Susan G Sterrett) wrote the section on Philosophical Logic, which introduces and discusses relevance logic (due to Anderson, Belnap & Dunn) and a four valued semantics for it.

    -- The review in MAA Reviews is here:, and
    -- The book page at Princeton is here:

  3. Understanding Symbolic Logic by Virginia Klenk appears to be missing from your list. The 5th edition of this book was my textbook for intro to logic as an undergrad.

  4. Sara, I think you should remove Harold's book from your list. many thanks for compiling the list!