Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013


  • Read the sections in Bacon's The Art and Science of Logic on infinitives and syncategoremes (not much).
  • Read Murdoch's chapter on infinity and continuity in CHLMPs.
  • Read the introduction of William of Sherwood's Syncategoremata.
  • Read a review of Dharmakirti's Theory of Hetu-Centricity of Anumana in Asian Philosophy vol. 1, no. 1, 1991 -- a review which seems sadly, sadly confused on a number of issues (at least, if Dharmakirti uses the various technical terms in the same way that Ratnakirti does, which seems a plausible assumption) -- and another review of the same book in Journal of the American Oriental Society vol. 114, no. 1. This review is also extremely critical of the book ("An excellent edition and translation...which was published long before the publication of the present book, was most probably not accessible to [the author]. However, the present reviewer soon came to realize that the author was not seriously affected by the inaccessibility of a better text, because she does not appear to care much about what is written in the text").
  • Read chapter 1 of fascicule 1 of part 1 of Paul of Venice's Logica Magna, on the syn/categorematic distinction.


  • More notes and thoughts for FoTFS paper





  • Put together travel expenses for Procida

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