Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


  • Re-read Birgit's exposition on the 6 points; started reading her new version that she sent me around noon.
  • Read lots and lots of emails. Normally I wouldn't put this as a bullet point, but for some reason, a lot of content-filled emails arrived in my academic inbox over the weekend, and it was a significant part of the day going through them.
  • Began reading Oetke, "Two Investigations on the Madhyamakakarikas and the Vigrahavyavartani", focusing mostly on S. 2 of the section on the Vigrahavyavartani, and utterly skipping the material on the Madhyamakakarikas.


  • Notes for Lumbini presentation on the basis of my re-reading of Birgit's paper.






  • Bought Gwen's suitcase.
  • Converted an article scanned in .png into a single .pdf.
  • Dealt with a bunch of backlog email.
  • Arranged cat sitter for while we're in the US.
  • Late lunch with Joel!

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