Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


  • Parts of Castagnoli which look at his criticisms of Mackie's types of self-refutation.
  • Read, via googletranslate, A. Graff's discussion of the satkotika vadah; I'm not sure I quite follow it, but it looks interesting.
  • Read Tachikawa trans. for class on Fri. Useful to note for future purposes: "The statements comprising the Indian syllogism have the fundamental form: there is a property in a property-possessor" (p. 112). Further, cf. the notes on p. 113 about the relationship between dharma/dharmin and subject/predicate: They are simply fundamentally different types of objects. This is an interesting little piece; I must re-read Gillon & Love to really get a grasp on nit.


  • Extensive notes for Lumbini talk.






  • Made 2-year appointment for Gwen.
  • Went grocery shopping and to the post office on lunch break.

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