Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Resolution Review


TitleSubmittedRevision requestedResubmittedAccepted
"Logic and Semantic Theory in the High Middle Ages"11 June 2013invited book chapter
"Paul of Venice on a Puzzle About Uncertainty"24 June 2013
"Sit Verum and Counterfactual Reasoning13 August 201310 March 20142 April 2014
"The Logic of Categorematic and Syncategorematic Infinity"14 January 201417 April 2014
"Medieval Destinations: Lumbini"28 January 201418 February 2014
"Obligationes" (with Catarina Dutilh Novaes)27 March 201428 March 201408 April 201415 April 2014
"Reasoning About Obligations in Obligationes: A Formal Approach"08 April 2014
"Code-Switched Occupational and Descriptive Phrases in 15th-Century York: A Study of Medieval Bilingualism"10 April 2014
"Review of Marko Malink, Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic"14 April 2014

The code-switching paper is the one I wrote in March, and the obligationes paper is my AiML paper written in Feb. The review was an invited one, and technically not due until early May, so, hurrah for finishing that up early.

2014 Publications

TitlePublication info
"A Medieval Epistemic Puzzle"in Z. Christoff, P. Galeazzi, N. Giersimczuck, A. Marcoci, & S. Smets, LIRa Yearbook 2012, vol. 1 (Amsterdam: Institute for Logic, Language & Computation, 2014): 301-316.

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