Friday, September 30, 2016

What I did on my summer vacation (June 1 - Oct 1)

Summer is almost over. During it, I:

  • Gave talks in Cambridge, Durham, and Leeds.
  • Spent two weeks in Australia (three conferences, two talks).
  • Spent a week in Hungary for a conference (one talk).
  • Spent 10 days in Wales on holiday (and sewed eight new articles of clothing for it).
  • Sent off all the papers for an edited volume of a journal.
  • Submitted three journal papers, one book review, and one piece of fiction.
  • Was interviewed on BBC Radio Newcastle.
  • Was interviewed by a Guardian journalist.
  • Wrote the first ~34,500+ words of a novel.
  • Started another book, not fiction.
  • Did four pieces of original artwork.
  • Cured seven lamb bresaolas.
  • Transitioned my child from nursery to kindergarten.
  • Read more books than I could keep track of.
  • Discovered both Leaves Eyes and Nightwish.
  • Made lots of new friends.

There were other bits and bobs along the ways (some paper acceptances requiring revision, some course prep, some supervision of theses, some marking, etc.), too much effort to count explicitly. I'm quite satisfied.

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