Monday, March 31, 2014

March Resolution Review

I've decided to keep track of all my submitted papers here rather than on the whiteboard on my desk, since then the whiteboard can be used for actual white-board purposes, like writing down logic. So, I've added the four things which were submitted last year on which I'm still awaiting responses.

TitleSubmittedRevision requestedResubmittedAccepted
"Logic and Semantic Theory in the High Middle Ages"11 June 2013invited book chapter
"Paul of Venice on a Puzzle About Uncertainty"24 June 2013
"Sit Verum and Counterfactual Reasoning13 August 201310 March 2014
"A Medieval Epistemic Puzzle"02 October 2013
"The Logic of Categorematic and Syncategorematic Infinity"14 January 2014
"Medieval Destinations: Lumbini"28 January 201418 February 2014
"Reasoning About Obligations in Obligationes: A Formal Approach"27 February 2014 (abstract only)
"Obligationes" (with Catarina Dutilh Novaes)27 March 201428 March 2014/td>

I had a paper ready to submit for March (other than the ob chapter), but a friend asked to read it, and I'm waiting on her comments before I submit. It'll probably go out early next week.

Removed MLitM from the list, since I received a (fairly quick for the journal in question) rejection on 11 Mar. I feel I still haven't identified the correct venue for it, as it's rather idiosyncratic.

Here's another table that will hopefully fill in over the course of the year:

TitlePublication info

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