Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


  • I have a new student assistant, and she shined forth with brilliance when she suggested that she could take all my paperwork over to the library and apply for my library card on my behalf. I said "yes please!" and sent her with all that AND a stack of books to check out, which I now get to read/skim:
    • Schendl, "Syntactic constraints on code-switching in medieval texts", in Placing Middle English in Context (2001).
    • Pahta, "Code-switching in medieval medical writing", in Medical and Scientific Writing in Late Medieval English (2004).
    • Phata & Nurmi, "Code-Switching in the Helsinki Corpus: A Thousand Years of Multilingual Practices", (2006).
    • Various in Schendl & Wright, Code-Switching in Early English (2011).


  • Lots of notes taken for code-switching. Maybe tomorrow I can write all of them up.






  • Worked on figuring out how to convert bibtex -> TEI -> HTML in a nice way. The answer? Have someone else do it.
  • Tried to adapt a javascript timeline thingy to work for the DMNES. I really really really should be paying someone else to do this.

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