Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014


  • After lunch I was feeling the usual Monday slump and wishing I just had something to read. Alas, I think Malinck is at home, so I returned to finish reading Ruffini which I'd started last week.
  • I also went through a bunch of my JSTOR tabs, skimming articles and either deleting them or downloading them.
  • This lead me to read D. Grafflin, "The Onomastics of Medieval South China: Patterned Naming in the Lang-Yeh and T'ai-Yüan Wang", Journal of the American Oriental Society 103, no. 2 (1983): 383-398.
  • And after that, I read lots more on TEI and eXist-db.


  • Some more DMNES emails. And, I suppose I should finally announce what that is: the Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources.
  • So, there's this chapter I was asked to write months and months ago. The deadline was end of Dec. Um, yeah. Working on that now.
  • Reading Ruffini of course lead me back to working on Zipf.



  • Finished up my referee report for Res Philosophica and sent it off.
  • Worked on the GPMR volume some.




  • Paid for crown tourney reservation.

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