Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day started off on the wrong foot with forgetting my keys at home. Arg. Set me back ~20 min. to bike home, get them, and bike back. It was a long day, with an evening talk meaning I was out at the office for about 11 hours all told.


  • Kretzmann & Stump's translation of De Arte Obligatoria.
  • Sought out what others have said about Paul of Venice and the syllogistic. Came across a review by Perreiah of Broadie's edition/trans. of a part of the LM, where P. suggests that the LM is not by PoV! I've never seen such a view before!
  • Knuuttila, "The Medieval Background of Modern Modal Conceptions", Theoria 66, no. 2 (2001). [Did not have anything about deontic modalities in it.]
  • Wolenski, "Deontic Logic and Possible Worlds: A Historical Sketch", Studia Logica 49, no. 2 (1990).


  • Wrote my "Medieval Destinations: Lumbini" piece for TI and send it off.
  • Finished the translation of the Logica Parva on syllogisms, though I'm unhappy with my translation of habetur reducendo.
  • Returned to my second AiML paper. I hate trying to write the same three introductory paragraphs differently in each paper. Working on this led me to some web searches which lead me to dig through my "K" folder of papers, to find a few that I started re-reading. I actually made amazing progress on this paper today. Whoo!




  • Read student responses (2 more came in over night.)


  • Evening talk at KJC.


  • Ran errands while getting lunch.

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